A Penny For Your Thoughts?

We didn’t forget about you. Sometimes we get busy with those parts of our lives that pay the bills (and this isn’t one of those parts). Sometimes there isn’t much to say. Sometimes what we want to say would not be printed. And sometimes we write down what we think we want to say and, […]

Staying On Target

Whether we want it or not, we’re going to be hearing about guns and gun control for some time to come. There is a better than average chance that you already have a strong opinion on the subject, and there is a less than average chance that your opinion will ever change. Nevertheless, in keeping […]

Letting Go

We hear a lot about the wisdom of letting go. Letting go is often recommended by daytime television hosts and their guests. It’s almost a panacea for all the ailments of modern life. There are, of course, many things that should be let go, and some of them the quicker, the better. There is nothing […]

In Their Own Words

We watched the State of the Union address last night.  We watch those speeches no matter who occupies the White House, and though the words rarely move the needle for change, there is still a sense of watching history unfold. Whether we’re standing in ovation or scowling in our seats (like some of our celebrated […]

Get Over It – There’s Work to Do

Join us this week in sending up a chorus of “get over yourself” to our pixel nation of the habitually outraged. Granted, it is embarrassing to hear reports of a president openly insulting millions of people by referring to their homelands as…”outhouse?” countries. (You know what they said he said. Such language may be acceptable […]


The making and keeping of commitments is a basic requirement for a civil society. Civilization falls apart when people stop keeping promises. On a personal level, keeping commitments is necessary for self-esteem. In addition to keeping the promises we make to others, we need to keep the promises we make to ourselves, like sticking to […]

A Moment of Clarity

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day can be the most enjoyable time of the year. The kids and the grand kids are still home from school and busy making the holiday memories they will cherish the rest of their lives. The decorations are still up and the gifts are still new, but the […]