Get Over It – There’s Work to Do

Join us this week in sending up a chorus of “get over yourself” to our pixel nation of the habitually outraged. Granted, it is embarrassing to hear reports of a president openly insulting millions of people by referring to their homelands as…”outhouse?” countries. (You know what they said he said. Such language may be acceptable […]


The making and keeping of commitments is a basic requirement for a civil society. Civilization falls apart when people stop keeping promises. On a personal level, keeping commitments is necessary for self-esteem. In addition to keeping the promises we make to others, we need to keep the promises we make to ourselves, like sticking to […]

A Moment of Clarity

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day can be the most enjoyable time of the year. The kids and the grand kids are still home from school and busy making the holiday memories they will cherish the rest of their lives. The decorations are still up and the gifts are still new, but the […]

A Time of Celebration

We love this time of year, and the commingling of memories both personal and ancestral. No one knows how many centuries humans waited anxiously during the darkening days until the sun reversed its course on the Winter Solstice. The spirit of western civilization¬† huddles by the fire in the long dark nights of countless northern […]

A Word of Thanks

It’s Sunday morning and the power just came back on. It was out for most of the last two days and nights, and while I’m grateful for its return, I’m also somewhat pensive. We slept well last night. The phone was out and the Internet was down. We spent the evening around the fire talking, […]


We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.¬† C.S. Lewis   With the waning of interest in professional football it has been suggested that the oddsmakers could recoup their losses by taking bets on who the next celebrity […]

Like Thanksgiving

The weather finally feels right for the time of year, but it’s a little confusing. August felt like September, and then in October we had more of the June weather that should have come in July. It’s November now, but just a few days ago the frogs were croaking in our frog pond and the […]