Well Played

I once had a boss who was wise, and I sought his counsel on how to deal with an employee who was the antithesis of wise. “Don,” he said, “Over the years I’ve learned that most people don’t wake up in the morning intending to do ill.” That stuck with me, and it has been […]

Remember This

We are often skeptical of some of the narratives promoted by mainstream media and bounced around the echo chambers of social media. A recurrent theme in our discussions here has been the negative bias of news reporting as well as the exaggeration, embellishment and spin practiced by many professional talkers. There are some media-perpetuated myths […]

Breaking News

Over the last few weeks while we were buying disaster supplies, worrying about old statues covered with bird droppings or trying to find eclipse glasses, we missed out on some important news.  Consider this headline: “Over 300 Million People in the United States Experienced No Violence, Hatred or Tragedy Last Week.” Somewhat less than that […]

When the Body Attacks Itself

Last week, something heinous happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Media is still replaying the most shocking moments and politicos are busy demonstrating how much they hate hate, and accusing each other of not hating hate enough. Also last week approximately 192,000 people died of hunger and hunger related disease. About 211,000 children perished during the same […]

Changing Tides

Fortune is a tide that rises and falls, and while we never fully understand the laws that govern its movement, we know beyond doubt that it always moves. By most of the metrics commonly used to measure economic activity, our younger generations are less fortunate today than their elders were at the same age. There […]

Throwing Shade

It’s that time of year again, eagerly anticipated by some and dreaded by others. The Fair is back in town. If you live in Hiawassee or Young Harris, or have to drive through them to get to work, you may be in the latter group. Our small towns are served by one highway with limited […]